Monday, September 30, 2013


We all know that our feet take the most abuse of any body part. They serve us well by providing balance, without them, no one would be able to stand; they propel us forward efficiently such that we can walk; they endure being squeezed into shoes that force them to conform to an odd shape. And yet, they frequently receive the least TLC, and can look the worst of any body part. So, my focus is to offer some easy tips to keep your feet looking kissable. After all, isn't the goal to be adored from head to toe?

Here are my top 5 tips for pretty feet:

1) Apply a moisturizer DAILY. I typically do this as soon as I get out of the shower, and before my skins dries to a crackly crunch to help seal in moisture;

2) Ladies, BUY the nail color that you choose for your toes when you get your pedicure. Somehow or other, the majority of us do not spring for gel polish on our toes, and the color gets chipped after a week or so, leaving these digits looking woefully neglected. However, if you own your nail polish, you can perform the necessary touch ups to keep them in tip top, kissable shape.

3) Experience the glory of a foot massage. No! I did not say get a body massage where they give your feet five minutes of attention, and the rest of you gets the other 45. I said make an appointment at your local massage establishment  where their sole focus is your feet, and they massage them-- and you-- into a state of ecstasy!!!

4) Attend to your foot woes. If you have hammer toes, bunions, calluses, fungus issues, etc., please do yourself as a whole-- and your feet, specifically-- a favor, and handle those problems.

5) Purchase a product such as T!NTALIZE® concealer for feet to cover unattractive blemishes and even the skin tone on your feet.  For full product information, go to

Sunday, September 15, 2013


As summer hastens its march into fall, we follow the transition of pedicure colors from summer's powder blues,  fuschia pinks and coral oranges to fall's navy blues and teals, purples, blood reds and burnt oranges. Here's a sampling of the MUST HAVE shades of the season. HAPPY COLOURING!!!!

NARS, "Seize the Night Night Falls," $17,  L&T
Barielle, "Blackened Blue," $8, Dermstore. com

Nicole by OPI, "Listen to Your Momager," $8,

Milani Jewel Fx Nail Lacquer, "Teal 582," $4,
Sephora by OPI, "Who Let the Dorks Out," $3,

Maybelline," Tenacious Teal," $4, 

Essie, "Bordeaux," $8,
Babor, "Rouge Noir," $13,

Milani, "Rad Purple," $4,
RGB, Plum, $16,

Le Metier de Beaute, "PennyLane," $18,
L'Oreal, "L'Orange," $6,

Essie, "Alligator Purse," $8,

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