Monday, November 9, 2015


Here we are in November (YES! We do still wish we were lounging poolside!!!). All the humidity which moisturized our skin during the summer  has left the air, the temperatures have fallen so we're starting to use the heat intermittently and what's happening with our skin? You got it! Our skin is cracking like the dry lake bed in the desert!!! So what do we do to nourish our largest organ, especially that on our feet which tends to be the most neglected area anyway? Since the focus here is all from the ankle down, we asked some readers to provide their best ideas on winter foot care and here's what you suggested:

1) Make sure you dry your feet well when you get out of the shower. It protects against pesky fungus problems; 
2) Regardless to season, moisturize everyday for softness. THIS helps keep feet touchably, kissably soft. Choosing the best moisturizer can be a challenge, however, Trader Joe's (which has expanded in recent years to most major metropolitan areas) makes a moisturizing cream that is excellent for any area of your body and it's INEXPENSIVE ($3.99/16 oz.);
3) Change your knee-his, stockings and socks regularly;
4) Take supplements such as biotin (a b-complex vitamin) to help your nails grow. It benefits your hair as well;
5) As we age, our nails can develop vertical ridges. If they're deep enough, they can prohibit nail polish from applying smoothly. Combat this issue by applying a ridge filler before applying nail lacquer and/ or you can buff your nails. Buffing provides not only smoothness but also a beautiful sheen you may not want to cover.
6) Keep your nails from drying by using non-acetone nail polish remover;
7) Wear the correct shoe size! We know it's tempting to squeeze your feet into a sexy stiletto that's too small when they're well-priced and on sale, but you could be asking for trouble down the road. Shoes that are too small, especially those that pinch our toes together, can force the nail to turn into the surrounding skin and create an in-grown toe nail. This can cause swelling and much pain;
8) Cover your feet in public. Fungi and bacteria are rampant in environments such as the pool and shower areas at the gym. Always wear water and/ or shower shoes at the gym to avoid exposing yourself to fungal infections which are difficult to treat and eliminate.
9) Check your nails for melanoma. As they are typically black, brown or purple, these can be easily mistaken for bruises but they tend to extend into the cuticle and not just affect the nail; bruises are often blue with a reddish hue and involve the nail only. If you always wear dark polish, inspect your nails when you change your nail color at the salon. 

Here's to maintaining our beautiful feet!!!!