Wednesday, May 29, 2013





It's been a long time. So, I'm welcoming myself and you back to the fun of the feet. I thought I'd start afresh with a story of my feet. In turn I hope to inspire you to send stories and pictures of yours. This is, after all, a forum where we can chat about our feet openly; share triumphs, horror stories, great products, anything.


So there I was, it was Memorial Day weekend, and I was looking FINE!!! I was at the San Diego jazz festival to listen to Jesse J, Michael Lington, Jonathan Fritzen, Nick Colionne, BWB (Norman Brown, Kirk Whalum and Rick Braun), Will Downing, Brian McKnight, and Jeffrey Osborne featuring Euge Groove-- AMAZING LINEUP!!! I had on some Calvin Klein wedge thongs, and life was good. I'd worn them a couple of times prior and never had a problem, so I felt very comfortable strutting around the grounds, bobbing to the music, sipping on a little libation!!! About an hour into my stroll, I started to feel a twinge that I'd not felt before wearing those shoes, so I decided to take my seat and enjoy the groove tunes from fifth row center. 

Between acts, the DJ was spinning some incredible Old School and R&B. Everyone was in the aisles dancing, so I kicked off my kicks and commenced to do a creative version of the Wobble. I was having a grand ole time, and my feet seemed rejuvenated, so after a bit, I resumed my stroll. I shopped the vendors, mosied up to the outdoor plaza of the hotel (La Costa Resort and Spa) and bought some tacos, and then it hit me. There was something rubbing the outer edge of the soles of both my feet, and my Calvins ceased to be so cute. In about two minutes, my gait went from a strut to just about a lap-legged ramble. And the most devastating reality was that the concert was only about half finished; I had a while to go in those shoes. 

So, I limped my way back to my seat, and took off my Calvins yet again. But you know, when your feet start to hurt, that pain does not subside just because you've freed them from the offending foot gear.  OH NO!!!! That pain lingers, it lingers until you have to put the shoes back on to leave the venue, and then it surges like a sledge hammer just hit you. And we all know that look, and that walk of hurting feet. The face is trying to smile, divorcing itself from the very obvious pain the feet feel. It's just that it's got this slightly pinched look, this minute contortion that belies the frozen grin. And despite all that, the feet continue to move. The ankles may twist out from time to time, practically throwing you to the ground, but the feet still move-- slowly and painfully, to be sure. And little did I know, the worst was yet to come.

You see, I would have been better served had I stopped into one of the shops and purchased a pair of flip flops; OR, when I went to take a look at my room, I should have simply changed shoes. But noooooo!!! I had to stay CUTE!!! Like I said, the worst was yet to come. By the next morning, I had two deep blisters on the outer edges of the soles of my feet. Please remember, this is an area of the foot that hits the ground with each step; walking the next day was an agony I never experienced the night before. Needless to say, I've spent the past two days pampering my poor feet. The only bright side to this story that I can even conceive is that at least it was the bottom of my feet which people don't see,  and I haven't rubbed holes and blisters on my toes!!! Can you imagine covering those brown marks when they healed?!?!?! T!NTALIZE® concealer here I come!!!

I have no idea why I related this story other than to have you laugh with me in my misery. So, that IS my story, and I'm sticking it to it. Please send us yours...